A Look Inside Eddy Kenzo's House [Photos]

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Eddy Kenzo
Eddy Kenzo is one of the most successful musicians in Uganda with millions of followers both at home and beyond the borders.

Kenzo, who has accumulated an impressive net worth from his work as a musician has invested his money in smart ventures including a farm in Masaka and a beautiful mansion.

This article looks at Eddy Kenzo’s house and provides all the details of the house that answers any questions you might have had.

Where is Eddy Kenzo’s house located?

Eddy Kenzo's house at Seguku, source: matookerepublic

Eddy Kenzo’s house is said to be located in Seguku hill, a few minutes from Entebbe Highway, near Kampala. It sits on about 1400 sq metres of land.

Seguku is a beautiful, serene neighbourhood whose proximity to the country’s capital while still maintaining the quiet and peace of the countryside makes it a perfect residential area for the well-to-do people in Uganda.

How much was Eddy Kenzo’s house?

At the time of its purchase in 2015, Eddy Kenzo’s house was estimated to be worth around  $500,000. 

The value of this property is estimated to have appreciated over the years given its prime location.

What are the cool features of Eddy Kenzo’s house?

Besides being located in a prime location, Eddy Kenzo’s house is also valued at a high price because of all its cool features in it. Here are some of its top of the art features.

Plenty of rooms

According to sources, Eddy Kenzo’s house has a total of 15 rooms. This consists of at least five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The rooms are spread throughout the beautiful two-storey building.

Initially, Kenzo lived with his ex-girlfriend Rema Namakula and his children before they parted ways. 

Beautiful exterior

The exterior of Eddy Kenzo's house, source: Facebook

The exterior walls of Eddy Kenzo’s house are painted in a colour that lies between cream and pale yellow. The massive pillars supporting the house are painted maroon to match the tiled maroon roof.

Its compound is filled with beautiful palm trees, some grass and beautiful lawn flowers and plants that boost the house’s aesthetics.

Classy interiors

Eddy Kenzo's living room, source: galaxyfm

The quality of Eddy Kenzo’s house’s interior decor and design complements the mansion’s exterior perfectly.

The floors of the living room are fully covered with cream tiles and the walls are painted in a fresh white colour. A few paintings and photos help to give the walls of the room some colour and life.

Black luxury leather couches are strategically placed in the room while a glass table sits in the middle. 

Eddy Kenzo's living room, source: galaxyfm

Beautiful chandeliers that serve the purpose of both lighting and beauty hang on the low ceilings. 

A grand staircase connects the lower and upper floors of the house, and unfortunately, our tour of the house ends here since the artist hasn’t shared any pictures of the other rooms.

Solar system

Besides being connected to electricity, Kenzo’s house is fully connected to solar power through massive solar panels on the roof that act as power backup for whenever there is a blackout.

Did Eddy Kenzo really sell his house?

In 2019, several media houses reported that Eddy Kenzo had put up his house for sale following his breakup with Rema.

Even though the reports might have been true, Eddy Kenzo later announced that he had changed his mind about selling the house and that he had decided to instead hand it over to his charitable foundation that works with underprivileged children in the society. How noble is that?

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