Ugandan Women Are Kneeling For Kenyan Comedian

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Ugandan women are known for their hospitality and humility while serving their men. Comedian Eric Omondi got to enjoy these privileges during the ongoing taping of his reality TV show dubbed 'Wife Material'.

Omondi's show is back for a second season and the production team brought together women from East African countries to compete for the top spot.

During one of the challenges last night the ladies were required to shop for cooking items from local markets and prepare meals from their home countries.

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Tanzanians were first to present their meals. The ladies cooked pilau which is intensely flavoured rice, somewhat of a celebratory dish, that is cooked throughout East African Countries and parts of Asia.

The Ugandan ladies stole the show after preparing the famous Matoke and G-Nut sauce. However, what caught the attention of netizens is not the food but how the ladies served it. The two ladies brought the food in turns and knelt while serving Eric.

Kenyan men were beyond impressed by their manners. According to various reports from Uganda kneeling before men is an age-old tradition among the Baganda. It is a display of respect and humility and the only display of affection and appreciation.

Ugandan woman is expected to greet a man while kneeling as a sign of respect. This happens on the grass, dust, cement or beside the road. The culture also stipulates that a woman should kneel while she serves food.

The woman ensures her man washes hands while she is kneeling and often the men would take their time, washing their hands slowly before sitting to a meal of matoke.

Snippets from the Eric Omondi show left netizens fired up after Kenyan women served him Pizza and soda from the local eateries. The women left the pizza in the box for Eric to enjoy.

This started a debate about Kenyan women and whether they value marriages and know how to take care of their families.

Some called out the women for representing Kenyan women in a bad light on the platform. Event mogul Chris Kirwa advised Eric to eat the food prepared by the Ugandan ladies and ignore the Kenyan women.

Kenyan men have always had a soft spot for the Ugandan ladies. In 2019 Stella Mteyo, a waitress from Mbale in Uganda reportedly drove Kiambu men crazy with her charming manners. 

Mteyo who ran a hotel, Stella Vienyanjas, in the heart of Kiambu town attracted huge numbers of male customers because she would serve them while kneeling. Men flocked the joint just to receive her king-like treatment.

She told the press that she once worked as a house-girl but her boss kicked her out because she thought she was snatching her husband.

Her employer did not like the idea of her serving her husband food while kneeling.
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