Evelyn Lagu's Husband Who Was Against Her Kidney Transplant

Were his reasons valid?

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Evelyn Lagu, Evelyn Lagu
Evelyn Lagu is one of the finest actresses and singers. The talented personality who has been making news waves ever since she launched her career, has been battling health issues related to kidney failure for the past couple of years and is reportedly in need of a kidney transplant.

The musician who turned her life to Christ a few years ago and released her first gospel song Living Testimony has led quite a colourful life. The mother of one has dated some prolific people in the past and has even been married once.

Here is a look at Evelyn Lagu’s husband, her son, and her current health issues that have once again brought her ex-husband into the picture.

Who is Evelyn Lagu’s husband?

Evelyn Lagu’s ex-husband is a South Sudanese man called Anthony Bechu Lagu Androga. Anthony Lagu is a lawyer based in Juba who runs his own law firm- Lagu and Associates.

The two met in Juba after they were introduced by a mutual friend in 2008. At the time, Evelyn Lagu had gone to look for greener pastures and Antony Lagu was a minister in Garang’s government.

In an interview with New Vision, the sultry musician revealed that the two courted for eight months before he proposed to her. Despite the huge age gap between them and the fact that Lagu had another wife and children, Evelyn said yes to the man of her dreams and in the years that they were together, she expressed her love for her husband.

After years of what we thought was marital bliss, Evelyn Lagu’s marriage to Anthony Lagu came to an end. The reasons for the breakup are unclear, although some unverified sources claim that there were some infidelity issues in the marriage. 

In 2020, Evelyn Lagu dropped her husband’s surname and rebranded herself as Evelyn Love on all her social media accounts, announcing her new status.

Evelyn Lagu’s husband and her kidney transplant

Evelyn Lagu with her son, source: Facebook

For a couple of years now, Evelyn Lagu has been in and out of hospitals both within the country and abroad.

In 2021, Evelyn Lagu’s only son- Fred Kasavu, offered to donate one of his kidneys to her after a blood test revealed that they were a match. Although the news of a potential match was well-received by Evelyn, not everyone was thrilled with it.

Evelyn Lagu’s husband (now ex) for one was against the transplant. In a leaked phone conversation with Evelyn, Antony Lagu asked Evelyn to consider looking for another donor and went on to explain how the procedure would put their son’s life in danger who was still young.

Countering her ex-husband’s argument, Evelyn Lagu explained that her son had offered to donate his kidney out of his own free will and further explained that she had raised her son singlehandedly and that her ex-husband had no right in meddling with her relationship with her son.

Did Evelyn Lagu get a kidney transplant?

Evelyn Lagu, source: Facebook

Despite Evelyn Lagu’s husband’s protest against accepting her son’s kidney donation, the musician and her son proceeded with their transplant plans.

After multiple fundraisers, Evelyn Lagu was able to raise enough money for a transplant procedure and in June 2021, she flew to Turkey to have the transplant done.

Unfortunately, things didn't work out as planned as doctors advised against a transplant at the time given that Evelyn Lagu’s body was too weak. She jetted back into the country in August 2021 after the failed transplant and has been on treatment for her ailment. We continue to wish her well.
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