Evelyne Lagu's Laxity Led Her Back To The Hospital Bed


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As she is still fighting for her life at Nakasero hospital, Afande Edith Nakalema who is entirely bankrolling her hospital bills has said that the reason Lagu is back on the hospital bed is that she stopped taking her medication.

“The moment she recovered from the first attack, she shouldn’t have ignored medication because healing is a process, she should have first finished her medication.”

The mistake Lagu could have done was to self-prescribe medicine for herself, yet there was recommended medication she was supposed to be picking at Nakasero hospital at the end of every month when she  went for review.

Nakaleme also added that the medicine was free, it was simply for her to just go and pick at the hospital because it was paid for.

The Afande noted that it is also possible that what could have sparked off the second attack is Lagu indulging in the consumption of alcoholic content like wines.

She advised that in case she survives this second attack, she should make sure that she adheres to swallowing her medications if she wants to completely recover.

Nakalema begged that Lagu should help herself by seeing the value in the money and time they have invested in her so that she can help her children and also get back to music and acting.

Evelyne caught Nakelema's attention when she saw a story about her running on television. Upon seeing the story about her deteriorating  health, she immediately ran to her rescue.

It would be fair to say that if God had not worked through Afande Nakalema to help Lagu, she would probably be dead by now.

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