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A year ago, the ministry of health banned the Timbiza sound club banger by Ragga/ Dancehall artist Erick Opaka also known as Ezzy, from being played on any Electronic media.

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 The ministry said that the song was going against the standard operating procedures put in place by encouraging people to do otherwise.
 Shortly after the ban, Ezzy in an interview said that banning the song was going to make it even much bigger than it was in the first place.
 Indeed, the song got more attention from the public, including Nigerian superstar, Davido who said he liked the song.
 Bebe Cool on the other hand advised the ministry of health to instead of just banning Tumbiza sound, it should fund him to do a song that has Covid19 message encouraging people to uphold the standard operating procedures.

  I guess the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) was listening all along. The commission has called upon the two sides-the ministry of health, and Ezzy to discuss the matter.
 The meeting took place on 29th/Dec/2020.
 Ezzy, according to the letter is to be in attendance with two people. We don’t know why he has to go to the meeting with two more people.

During the meeting, Ezzy intimated that they agreed with the ministry to redo the song with lyrics that were more educative especially in the line of Covid19 adherence.

Since then, we have waited and waited but nothing has come to light. During an interview with NBS Tv, Ezzy broke the silence and said that he had submitted the remix (lyrics) for approval, upon which the ministry was to foot the bills from studio expenses to the shooting of the video.

“ I did as I was instructed, submitted the lyrics and I have waited for a response but nothing is coming through.”

However, the ministry’s spokesperson Ainebyona Emmanuel in his statement said that, yes they received the lyrics however, it was not within their power to foot the expenses but the artist.

“We never agreed on us paying the expenses, the artist was to do it within his means,” said Ainebyona.

On the other hand, SK Mbuga who had also promised to give Ezzy shs10,00000 simply ghosted on him and didn’t keep his promise.

Ezzy has been left in the space with nothing to do but count his losses.


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