Facebook Goes After Bobi Wine’s Son

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First Facebook took out National Resistance Movement (NRM) bloggers by deleting all their Facebook accounts.

As we speak, none of them can open a Facebook account because any attempt to do will be frustrated by immediately doing away with the account.

There was a general feeling after the incident that Bobi wine had a lot to do with their accounts being deleted indefinitely, but from what happened to Bobi Wine's son, it looks unlikely.

Today it is Bobi Wine’s son they have gone after

Bobi Wine’s ‘first son’ Solomon Kampala took to his Instagram stories and revealed that Facebook had with no explanations indefinitely deleted his most beloved Instagram page off the platform,

The page which went by the names of Wankbase was deleted off Instagram yesterday evening, 03/02/2020 for reasons yet to be known by the owner.

Disappointed by Facebook’s decision to put down the page, Solomon took to his Instagram stories and aired out his frustration.

”Instagram just deleted (deactivated) my page @Wankbase but we continue, repost this and tag Wankbasebackup. let’s grow again” Solomon posted the sad news on his Instagram account as he aired out his frustration.

WE thought that since Solomon is a son to a man thought to be good friends with Facebook, nothing like deleting accounts of his close family members would be allowed.

Could it be the name that might have irked Facebook? We don’t know yet

It is not yet clear what Solomon was doing on his deleted page but there is a general feeling the young boy might have used inappropriate language that landed his page in trouble.

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