Bruno K Playing Father Figure As He Tutors Faridah Nakazibwe's Daughter

Bruno K!

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There was a rumor flying around about cover singer, Bruno K servicing news anchor, Faridah Nakazibrwe’s Congo this year.

But they two poured cold water on the rumor when Faridah invited Bruno K to her morning show, Mwasuze mutya, where the later denied any connection between him and the news anchor.

It was alleged that Faridah was seen time and again frequenting the singers Kafunda in Nankulabye, a Kampala suburb.

What followed after the interview was a song by Bruno K titled Faridah which fueled the rumor even more than it was before.

People had anticipated Faridah would appear in the video but on the contrary, it was just Bruno k melting out his voice to the news anchor.

As usual, the storm came down and Ugandans went back to minding their own businesses. However, Bruno k and Faridah seem to want to keep Ugandans talking and guessing.

The latest development is of Faradah enrolling her daughter for guitar lessons, and guess what, Bruno K is the tutor.

She said for a long time, she had ignored her daughter’s unrelenting desire for music which she showed through her love for watching child stars, until a week ago when Faridah finally listened.

She took to her Facebook and wrote, “For long, I have brushed off her plea to take her to music school. I watched her enjoy her passion casually at home. She asked for my phone, only to watch child stars on the Internet.”

The mother of two is impressed by how first her daughter, Kinza is learning, “a week ago, Kinza started guitar classes and she is already playing songs,” Uncle Bruno must be doing a good job.

But why Bruno K of all people? Don’t we have music schools in Kampala that can equally offer the same services?

We understand that Faridah is way older than Bruno k, but sometime back just after he had dropped the Faridah song, Bruno in an interview said, he admired the news anchor because she is the kind of woman any man would love to have, clearly Bruno is not a woman.

Faridah has had two failed relationships and to have Bruno K slide into her family circle could mean the singer is playing a father figure for children.

Who knows if he plays his cards right, he might end up playing husband too, age is nothing but a number.
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