Frank Gashumba Rubbishes Bobi Wine’s Car

It Is Not Armored

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It is now close to a week since Bobi wine’s alleged armored car came into the country, pretty much the talk around town has been about the Toyota Land cruiser.

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However, upon its arrival, there was talk in town that Police were going to mount n investigation to establish how Bobi Wine got the car into the country. Many thought it was not necessary.

Frank Gashumba has made a statement that confirmed that if at all the car is armored and was not cleared by the ministry of defense, then it is likely that the investigation might take place.

“for an armored car to enter this country, it must be cleared by the ministry of defense with justifications as to why you need to have an armored car,” explained Gashumba.

He cast doubt on the possibility that Bobi Wine’s car is armored insisting that the car is estimated to have cost about 3o,000$ meaning that it is just like any other normal car driven by civilians.

“An armored car costs about 130,000$ which he doubted was the amount Bobi Wine’s car was bought.”

At this point, we don’t know whether Bobi Wine lied to the public or Gashumba is simply raising dust. 

We think that the car might not be armored because Gashumba said, If it was, it must have gotten permission from Police for it to be allowed into the country.

These facts Gashumba shared are very revealing in that, more extra care needs to be taken into consideration before it can be concluded that the car is armored.



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