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The Family Knows What Happened

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1st Feb 2019 will go down in the history of Uganda as one of the darkest days.

Uganda lost the most talented singer/songwriter that ever existed, his name was Mowzey Radio.

 It is believed that Radio succumbed to a head injury that was inflicted upon him after he was dropped on the ground landing on his head.

The perpetuator-Troy today serves a 12-year sentence on charges of manslaughter. 

This was concluded upon the testimony that was given by Producer Washington who was the last person to witness the incident.

However, the new Narrative by John Miles, a former radio presenter, and brother to Dance Hall artist, Peter Miles is mind-blowing and heartbreaking. 

His account raises a lot of questions. We will let you be the judge at the end of the story.

“I got a call from Producer, Washington telling me that Radio was badly beaten, and rushed to Emmanuel Clinic, so I rushed to the clinic, and a crowd had gathered around him.”

Mils says he could not see Radio, so he had to push his way through the crowd to reach him.

“When I finally reached him, the nurse had put a water drip on him when I tried to talk to him, he could not reply but squeeze my hand tightly. However, I noticed his headrest was wet. When I checked, I realized it was water flowing from his brain, that is when I knew my boy was gone.”

According to Miles Radio’s skull was broken right from his right eye, stretching back towards his shoulders, it didn’t seem like he was just dropped as Washington had insinuated. He believes Radio was hit by an iron bar.

After Radio had spent hours at Emmanuel Clinic it was resolved that he be transferred to a better hospital.

“As I carried Radio on to the stretcher, I felt his weight live my hands before I knew it, he sat straight up, I reached to him and tried to ask him what happened.”

Radio could not speak but kept gesturing that he was beaten, as Miles continued to try to process what he was gesturing, Washington came and slapped him and told him to live Radio.

“I saw frost on his mouth which is mostly associated with poison, I wanted to know what happened, Radio was about to say something then Washington slapped me, and told me to live Radio.”

When Washington reached out to Radio, he locked eyes with him, but Radio pushed him away and stood up. 

“When Radio pushed Washington away, he stood up, people were happy he was back, but that was his last step, he collapsed on the stretcher. I told him he was injured that is when he calms down and then rested himself on the stretcher.”

Washington was not giving anybody a chance to get close to Radio.

According to Miles, between the time Radio was being carried to the ambulance, and the time Washington was blocking people from accessing him, something was done to Radio that led to his immediate death before he was taken to the hospital.

“I gave Washington my phone to take pictures Radio, but when I saw the pictures, something was not adding up. Radio looked lifeless, he had died already.

Miles says that at the time of his burial, Radio’s corpse was dry like it was a one week’s corpse, “he was like aplastic.”

He adds that the family knows exactly what happened but they don’t want to tell the truth.

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