Full Figure rocks and she receives a hero's welcome in Mbarara

Triumphant entry

By  | Oct 20, 2020, 01:41 PM  | Top of The

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Presidential Advisor Jenepher Nakambuubi commonly known as Full Figure stormed Mbarara City over the weekend amidst deafening ululations and fanfare from excited NRM fans.

The Presidential Envoy's hero's welcome happened during a youth mobilisation event that she had been invited to by the organizers.

Just over a week ago, the motor mouthed President's Woman was over the media in furry following an attack on a banner with President Museveni she had raised at Mbarara round about.

Irate youths could be seen in a video that went viral, dragging Full Figures giant poster, piercing it with sharp objects protesting a Muganda overshadowing Banyankore.

She would later castigate them for being a disgrace to the party leader who has over the years preached against tribalism.

While speaking to the media at the function in Mbarara, the visibly excited Museveni mobiliser said she had forgiven the people of Mbarara and that she was also happy at the way she had been received.

She cautioned them against spreading sectarianism, arguing that Uganda is a free country where people should intaract freely due to the peace brought by the present administration. 

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