Give Birth Now Before Menopause- Chosen Becky To Female Artists

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It’s common among the female musicians some times to delay having children or totally failing to give birth because of their busy schedules while pushing their career as settling down to marry is on their wish list because they jump from one relationship to the other others end up in stunts. 

As musicians like Sheebah, Sasha Brighton, Spice Diana, Lydia Jazmine, Kalore Kasita among others are waiting for colorful weddings in order to settle and produce kids, song bird Chosen Becky has a message for them urging them to consider having kids before they reach menopause. 

Majority love chewing raw cassava but don’t want to be ballooned by people next to them who are probably their music managers and indeed majority are chewed by their managers who are either married to their wives or also just enjoying to eat their sumbie on credit. 

Sheebah Karungi has been linked to her manager Jeff Kiwa, Spice Diana has reportedly been spending steamy nights with her manager Roger while singers Brown Sugar and Serena Bata were both feasting on socialite Sipapa’s cassava as Sasha Brighton is enjoying bonking sessions with Herbert Shonga. 

However, there’re those who have been bonked tubeless and mistakenly been ballooned and have instead resorted to single mother hood to bring up their kids and many times they are subjected to DNA tests to ascertain their dads.

Look no further but to Rema Namakula whose kid Amaal was a struggle between Mathias Walukagga and Eddy Kenzo until DNA tests were done, singer Kemi Sera gave birth to a kid who has since been denied by both Mathias Walukaga and Haruna Mubiru.

Your fans will leave you one day but your child won't. To my fellow female artists, while you do music, don't forget to give birth - Chosen Becky#WCW

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