Give Up Being Comfortable And Work Hard: Zari advises

Nothing comes easy

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Zari Hassan by far is one of the most successful young women in Uganda, and for her to be the rich woman every man and woman admire today, there are things she has done to be that person.

As we warm up the 2021 seats, she gave people some tots of wisdom that could help them better their lives as the year kicks off.

This message was specifically for people who want to be rich but never want to put in the effort to be successful.

“So many people say ' I want to be successful, but I don't know what's stopping me'. What they are saying is I want a great and an amazing life to come to be easy,” she said

Zari implored whoever wanted to live a good life to give up comfort for discomfort.

She added that people can never better their lives until there is a willingness to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

“It's never easy friend. Until you are ready and willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you won't change your life very much.”

Nothing comes easy. Although some people have often accused her of using her body to get money through siring kids with rich men, Zari has always shown people that she works hard to have the life she is living today.

Zari’s first husband, the late Ivan Semwanga was a rich who after his passing left a huge estate that Zari still runs up to now.

The second husband she got was Diamond Platinum who is also a very rich singer in Tanzania.

Diamond bought Zari and the kids, Tifah and Nilan a house in South Africa and recently bought her a Bentley.

Looking at all this, one wouldn’t believe that for Zari to lead all that lavish life, she had to put in work for it. 

Regardless of what people think about her, she says, “. It takes pain, sacrifice, hard work, sleepless nights to mention a few. In short; be willing to endure a lot of discomfort before you can get comfortable.

We hope these few words of wisdom help you start your year in style
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