How Arch Bishop Ntagali Stole Another Man's Wife

The man of God Mixed His Own Poison

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She had gone to seek marriage counseling from Archbishop Stanley Ntagali when it all happened.

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For three days now, the talk of the town is about the cheating scandal that involved a revered man of God archbishop Stanley Ntagali who was discovered to have had an affair with another man’s wife.

This relationship cost him a lot to the extent that he had to be suspended from his duties and much worse stopped from completing his term in office as the archbishop of Church of Uganda.

In the illicit relationship he had with Judith, the two sired a child together whom Ntagali has been taking care of since the incident took place.

It turns out Judith had gone to seek marriage counseling from Ntagali to save her crumbling marriage with Reverand Tugume Ahabwe.

Surprisingly instead of giving the counseling that was required of him, he instead found ways to surf an ocean that belonged to his brother in Christ with no permission at all.

It should be noted that before the illicit relation that Judith had with Ntagali, she had had a number of other marriages.

It is alleged that Judith used her last relationship that ended in the courts of law ended in her favor after she framed her ex-husband for not being in a position to take care of their kids.

The marriage with her first husband ended as a result of her seeing reverend Tugume behind the back of her husband.

Karma is a bi…. tch like they say, it finally caught up with both of them. The man that snatched another man’s wife lost his wife to another man who also stealthy slept with her behind his back.

It is now clear Ntagali started the fire, we don’t know how he is dealing with it, but we can tell you, it must hot in his yard.

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