How Bad Black Spent 7,000$ On Buying Flavour

She Didn't Get What She Wanted

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Latifa Nalukenge who is also known as Bad Black in 2011 proved to haters that her pockets were not about to run dry when she paid Nigerian superstar Mr. Flavour 7,000$.

she just wanted his company.

At the time, Mr. Flavour was supposed to be in Club Silk for the after-party of the show while Club Rouge had Klear Kut rap group lined up to perform. 

But Black insisted on having Mr. Flavour and after contacting the organizers and paying up, the singer showed up For Bad Black.

Black however stated during an interview that she did not get to enjoy the company of the singer due to the fact that, when took some Marijuana, she became drank and lost control.

Mr. Flavour was disgusted by her ways and he decided to have her removed from his company.

“ I became so drunk that I lost my element, Flavour couldn’t take it anymore, he said I didn’t have class and asked I be shown the exit immediately,” said Black

On top of that she said that there other women, like Judith Heard and Sylvia Owor who were scrambling for the singer’s attention, she could not easily beat them given their classiness and sharpness.

Now that she has hindsight, Black says that what Mr. Flavour looked like in the music videos was exactly how he looked, she said she was disappointed by his looks.

“I swear the guy was so tall and the way he looked in the music videos is not exactly how he looks, I was disappointed,”

Black after that period, went broke and got jailed for embezzling money from a white investor. Flavour came with Bad Luck.

After she left jail, Black went for plastic surgery which she says costed her 20,000$ in Asia. 

She hinted at going hip and Buttocks implants this year.

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