How Bebe Cool Destroyed MTV MAMA Awards

Now You Know Why

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As we speak, it is official the MTV Africa Music Awards are not going to happen any time soon.

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This is so because the organizers postponed the award ceremony until further notice. The reason for this postponement is not clear.

However, some fans suspect that it was all because of Bebe Cool that the awards were postponed. You may not believe the reason that was cited that effect.

It turns out, the plan to have the MAMA Awards chased out of Uganda started years ago when Bebe Cool launched his album.
The name of the album- Go Mama.

 That album is the reason why we won’t have the MAMA Awards any time soon.

This is so because the song album clearly says, Go Mama. What did you expect to happen when Bebe Cool compiled an entire album that was intended to chase away the awards?

Most of you didn’t see it coming but one smart fan saw it coming, the fan wrote, “You people, the reason as to why we will not have MAMA awards is because Bebe Cool plotted the award downfall a long time ago when he said ‘Go Mama, Go Mama.”

Definitely, with such a message, they had to go away. Thanks to Bebe Cool.

Honestly, we had not seen this side of affairs until this loyal fan opened our eyes. Now you know who is responsible for the MAMA downfall.

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