How Buchaman, Gravity Omutujju Are Making Money

They are not telling you the truth

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After meeting president Museveni, faded self-proclaimed Ghetto president Buchaman has launched a campaign dubbed Uganda is not for sale.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging youth to b patriotic by cherishing Uganda as their country, to push the message further, he has released a song that preaches the same.

This move by Buch could be a culmination of what transpired during the meeting with the president.

Buchaman is not the only artist that is currently running a campaign, LugaFlo rapper, Gravity Omutujju has also launched a campaign dubbed ‘I am a none violent youth’.

The Campaign is aimed at preaching peace especially among the young, not to be violent during the forthcoming elections that are to take place on 14th January 2020.

To push the message further, he sang a song titled, ‘Tewekalakasa’ which also preaches the same message.

While these are all good ideas, there is a school of thought which peddles the agenda that, all these artists are being paid by the regime to do so.

Many justify that school of thought with the timing of the campaigns and how quickly they were cooked up.

It is also alleged that Gravity Omutujju was paid 150 million Uganda shillings to do the project.

Both Gravity and Buchaman are going to hold separate precisions preaching their messages respectively.

Gravity will have the precision of several producers and musicians while Buchaman will move with his Ghetto government preaching door to door.

It is alleged that all the campaigns are aimed at bringing down Bobi Wine’s effort to encourage young people to ensure elections are not rigged at all costs.

As we all know that artists have been locked down from performances for close to a year now. How can they afford to run such campaigns yet they have not any money since the lockdown was put in place.

It is on record that Gravity came out on Christmas day and said he was too broke to afford a meal on Christmas.

Don’t be fooled, this is a money-making venture for artists
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