Zari Fights For Her Son

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The internet is blowing up over  Popular businesswoman Zari Hassan’s also known as the Boss lady’s second-born son Raphael Junior who admitted to being a member of the LGBTQ community.
Raphael made the revelation live Instagram’s session in which he wrote,” I’m coming out.”
As he came out the young lad made a request to people not to judge him for who is he is but to accept him the way he is.
His revelation helped speculations that have been hovering around and bout his gay status which started way back in 2019.

However, Zari quickly came out to say that the boy had a girlfriend and the motive behind him saying he gives is to push off old women who were making advances at him by sending him nudes and asking for money.

Shortly after the announcement, Zari Hassan's second-born mysteriously deleted his Instagram account. This could be majorly due to the cyberattacks that were directed to the young lad especially from Tanzania.

The Boss Lady, as usual, couldn't take a job and not throwback one, she had vowed to support her son regardless of the choices he makes.

"If my son Rafael turns out to be gay I will support him through because it's the path he has chosen," Zari said.

She added that she would support him because it was her duty as a mother to do so.

"It is my duty as his mother to embrace him owing to the fact that most times we cannot change that."

The South African based socialite attached all the cyber attacks and bullying on Tanzania keyboard warriors who catalyze everything with the target of breaking her. 

"I've spent 17 years in showbiz so no one knows why I am still here and if God says Zari it's time to close the curtains who am I to hesitate." She added

She however made it clear that her son is not gay he started dating when he was only 14.
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