"I Like Winnie Nwagi’s Attitude, She Doesn’t Care Whether She Has holes On Her Buttocks," Says Bebe Cool

I like her

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Bebe Cool made the statement in his 2020 list of the best performing artist like he usually does at the end of every year.

Bebe Cool said that Winnie Nwagi is the female version of himself who does what she feels like no matter what people say about her.

” The female version of Bebe Cool. I like her ‘I do as I please, I don’t care if I have holes on my bum’ attitude,” said Bebe

Winnie Nwagi has cemented her name as one of those female artists in Uganda; who can’t just be dragged in the mud without putting up a fight.

Currently, as the year came to an end, she is battling netizens who tried to troll her daughter for her dark skin complexation.

In her response, she said, “so having a black princess like mine is ugly! These are the people bleaching their kids.”

She added that whoever insulted her daughter should die while giving birth. This is just one of the few incidences where the songbird fired back.

At one point she was accused of being so tempting to men because of her sexy curvaceous body, she replied by saying if she is so tempting to men, let the men stay away from her.

This is the likeliness Bebe Cool is talking about, the Kuskus singer is not one to relent on any issue for as long as he feels he should say something about it.

He has been sandwiched in one of the most controversial incidences in the entertainment circles but manages to emerge from them unscratched.

Like he always does he took aswing at Singer Vinka who also appeared in his list, he said Vinka needed to pay her gods as her music is beginning to want.

"I nearly dropped her off the list, Vinka needs to call upon her gods to restart their work. In case you forgot to pay them, please pay them now. Good talent but you got to step up because of the tough competition around you." He said

On a good note, the singer also lauded Winnie Nwagi for being a great inspiration to single mothers 
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