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Love Is Blind

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When Cupid draws his arrow and it directly shoots your heart, there is no way you can escape the after-effects of the arrow.

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It turns out one of the victims of that arrow, is Controversial city Pastor, Aloysious Bujingo who fell in love to the extent that he had to do some of the craziest things to impress the woman he fancied.

While on a Tv show on Salt Media which is owned by Bijingo, Suzan Makula who is the new bride now narrated a story of what made Bujingo go through to earn his rights to coitus.

Before she set on with the story, she stressed how she used east a lot of money from the pastor. 

One of the things she tasked Bujingo to do to prove his love for her, was to buy her a knicker in a supermarket.

“I remember he called me one time and asked what I wanted from the supermarket, I told him to buy me a knicker, and I can assure you, it was a tug of war for him,” she narrated

She added Bujingo tried to dodge the task but she told him, if he loved her, he had to buy her the knicker

The problem was not buying the knicker, but the imagination of picking it from the stand and taking it to the till for clearance.

“I told him if he bought the knicker, I would wear it for him, I think the was what motivated him,” she said.

She also told him to buy her a matching bra however, he was not able to buy the bra because he didn’t know her size.

“When he came home, he only brought the knicker, he didn’t have a bra."

So to help her buy the bra, Bujingo gave Makula, 2,000,000 to go and purchase abra!

 "He said he didn’t know my size, so for me to buy one, he gave me shs, 2,000,000.”

We don’t know what kind of bra costs that much but what can we say? Love is blind, the power of the brown thigh couldn’t let the man of God stand on his two feet.

it should be remembered that Bujingo divorced his wife he had been married to for more than twenty years and opted for Makula who was an employee on his radio and tv station.


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