‘I used To Smoke A million Shillings In A day’- Nina Roz

I almost Died

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Singer Nina Roz today is a testament that anything can be defeated for as long as you put your mind to it.

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Before she got where she is today, drug abuse had eaten almost her whole life away, she was tall and lanky, looked like she was never fed. 

She tried so hard to hide vice from her face but the truth kept staring at us in the face.

Thank God she came out and told her story of the struggles she went through with drug addiction.

Nina recalls the day she got introduced to cocaine, it was after she had had a show at Wave Lounge, she entered into a certain car, and then someone she did not make mention of introduced her to cocaine.

Nina says after that introduction, her life never stayed the same again, she says the drug would create something like a demon within her that she used to fight all the time.

“I became a monster in my world and it took a lot from my life that I don’t wish any girl to come across that drug, it took away a lot from me,” she said.

All this while, she was living in silence but she was dying on the inside and something was eating her up slowly.

“I wish I had the power to arrest every man or woman that deals drugs, I would do it.”

She added that she could spend a lot of money on the dug, she used to spend a million shillings in a day.

“I used to make a lot of money every day because I used to spend about one million because a bag was Shs100,000.”

For two years since 2018, she battled with fighting the drug, she almost committed suicide. She could spend two days without eating.

“I wanted to kill myself and end it all, I was fighting things I didn’t know, and I just wanted to die.”

Nina says it was God that helped her get out of the terrible habit. When Daddy Andre came into her life, he helped her overcome the vice.

"I bought the drug one day and went to Andre, I showed him what was eating me up and I need to fight this," she said.

That is when she was helped out of the habit.

The two got married, and as we speak, she is looking so amazing.


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