I was Treated Like A common Thief-Omah Lay

He put everything that happened behind him

By  | Dec 18, 2020, 08:56 AM  | Top of The

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Following his arrest for staging a show that didn’t uphold the standard operating procedures put in place by the ministry of health in Uganda, Nigerian star Omah Lay has decried how he was treated.

The singer through his Twitter handle said that he was treated like a common thief yet he had done nothing wrong.

The infinity singer said that before they came to Uganda, the promoter said he had secured all clearances including the one for Covid 19.

His part was to only present himself to do the show. He added that he did the show in a glance and full protection of the Uganda Police.

Omah Lay said that what happened to him during his arrest was the worst day of his life and he would not love to go through such an experience again.

His arrest brought down a few Ugandan artists like Bebe Cool who was allegedly being accused of masterminding the arrest of Omah Lay. This was because of the post he made on Facebook vowing to stop the concert before it happened.

Although Bebe Cool and his team worked so hard to have Omah lay released, when they eventually did, Bebe Cool was chased like a chicken thief after he delivered Omah Lay to the Nigerian High Commission.

Singer Cindy on the other hand,  had her Twitter account blocked after Nigerians reported her for spreading hate speech. 

This came as a result of Cindy expressing her dissatisfaction about Omah Lay’s show, which Nigerians didn’t like because, in the process of her expression, she called him an idiot.

There was an online war between Ugandans and Nigerians, including all Nigerians celebrities condemning the arrest of Omah Lay.

Despite all that happened, the star said he has decided to put what happened behind him.
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