Jackie Chandiru Is Back Like She Never Left

She really did beat the odds!

By  | Apr 26, 2022, 10:32 AM  | Jackie Chandiru  | Top of The

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It’s a good day for music sensation Jackie Chandiru as she seems to be slowly easing back into the limelight. Mr. Norbert Mao, former presidential candidate and politician, has vouched to help further Jackie Chandiru’s career.

The songstress took to her Instagram to share the good news with her followers who in turn, congratulated her. It’s indeed quite refreshing seeing how Mr. Mao has taken the initiative to help Jackie progress her career. It’s to be noted that the singer has been battling a drug problem for quite some time. 

Unlike many other artists in the music industry, Jackie Chandiru has been quite open with her drug addiction and has even shared her journey with her fans. Her addiction began way back when she was involved in a fatal accident which left her back severely injured. As a result, Jackie was administered Pethidine, a drug used to ease pain, and this is how she started abusing the drug.

During a radio interview, the ex Blu 3 singer revealed that her life changed for the worst after her accident. While still nursing her back injury, she admitted that she succumbed into depression and resorted to abusing drugs. 

“Depression is real and can kill although very few people in Uganda are well informed about it.” Jackie said.

“Many people are ignorant about it and think it’s a foreign problem but it can make you do dangerous things and make weird decisions,” Jackie added.

Jackie was checked into Naguru Hospital and Bunamwaya Rehabilitation center back in 2020 so as to monitor her health. Unfortunately, her condition grew worse and she had to be flown out to Nairobi, Kenya for further treatment. 

Following these incidents, the songstress went quiet for quite some time before resurfacing again to kick start her career. Ever since she got better, the artist has revealed shocking events that transpired while she was recuperating in rehab. Jackie revealed the harsh conditions she faced in rehab which admittedly left her close relatives in shock.

To the public’s surprise, Jackie revealed that she has ever tried escaping the rehabilitation center during her early days. “Never did I feel comfortable when I was taken to the rehabilitation center and on my way, I insulted the people that were around me. A few days in the rehabilitation centre, I escaped though they searched for me and I was taken back,” She said. 

Seeing the alarming rate that artists have succumbed to drug abuse and addiction, we’re glad that Jackie Chandiru is finally back on track!

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