Jesa Runs To Rema Namakula's Rescue

' We Are Still With Her'

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It is a public secret that Rema Namakula is the brand ambassador of Jessa Diary products. This has been for along time.

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Now yesterday, 17th/02/2020, there was a rumor all over social media that Jesa had fired Rema and replaced her with another brand ambassador.

The rumor claimed that Ream had been replaced by Sheebah. The reason for her replacement allegedly is because Rema did not approve of her hubby, Dr. Hamza’s Involvement in the job.

Jesa in the renewal of the contract had wanted Rema and Hamza to be the new face of Jesa, but the payment would stay as it was when It was only Rema pushing the brand.

It is at this point that Rema allegedly refused the terms of the new deal and decided to quit.

This made sense because just minutes after this rumor was awash on social media, Sheebah informed her fans that she had signed a good deal and she would keep them posted about it.

However, Jesa let out a statement saying they were still in a perfect working relationship with Rema and nothing had changed about it.

“Contrary to what is going on in the news we would love to state that we have not dropped Rema as our ambassador.”

But indicated that they intend to tap into the vast pool of Ugandan talent to reach out and inspire customers.

“As we continue to grow, Jesa Intends to tap into the vast pool of Uganda Talent to reach and inspire customers.”

This means that there is a possibility of hiring new talent to work with Rema on the same cause.


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