Karma Went Collecting At Sasha Brighton’s

What goes around, comes back around

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A few years back, Singer Nangonzi Joweria aka Sasha Brighton stole Herbert Shonga from His wife Dorothy Shonga.

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 Eventually, Shonga had to get divorced from his wife Dorothy, courtesy of Sasha.

After the divorce, Shonga took on Sasha as her music manager the singer started outing music that was stinging Dorothy.

 A song like ''Kawoomera’, but Dorothy being the humble woman she is, just kept a deaf ear.

But like they say what goes around, comes back around, things didn’t go well between Sasha and Shonga, and guess who is laughing last- Dorothy.

 The singer indicated that they broke up in October of 2020 stating that she was very disappointed about the relationship as she did not get what she had expected out of the relationship.

However, it seems from the look, Shonga was the money bug in the relationship and it looks like with his departure, life is about to get harder for the singer.

''We broke up, but am so heartbroken because Shonga was helping me financially,” she said.

Sasha thought she would spend the rest of her life with Shonga, only to be disappointed at last.

“I am disappointed because, he is the person l thought l would live with for the whole of my life, l didn't expect him to behave like that but life has to move. God willing I will search again, for now, I am single and ok,"

However, she said that she hoped to get a man soon
 "I hope to get a man of the same religion,” said the heartbroken singer," she said.

As they say, Karma is a b....tch, she will always come collecting.

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