Kato Lubwama Pretends He Is Fine, But He Is Not

He needs to keep his mouth shut

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So in the just concluded elections that were held on January 14th, 2021, there was a new wave that swept all the old guards under the carpet, giving way to new blood to lead.

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This wave came from the National Unity Platform (NUP) and the opposition party led by Kyagulanyi Sentamu also known as Bobi Wine.

The party now holds the majority number of opposition members of parliament, kicking out Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) which was the leading opposition party with the biggest number of opposition MPs.

Now Rubaga North MP, Kato Lubwama is one of the old guards that the wave did not have mercy on, and incidentally, the comedian turned legislator has not healed from the embarrassing loss of the seat.

From the time of his loss, he has tried hard to prove to people that he is fine and the loss was nothing that could come close to affecting his wellbeing.

He has been seen trying to have with his life, on the beach and just chilling out at lavish places.

He said there was no money in politics, he makes most of his money from comedy.

He said, his life is fine that he no longer talks to poor people, “if you don’t have a billion shillings, don’t talk to me,” he said.

He expressed his dismay towards people who voted him out, stating that he is tired of people, “the people that voted me out are a low class, like casual laborers and mechanics, I detest those idiots,” he said.

He also accused Bobi Wine of giving people false hope about winning the election, “you said you were going to take us to state house, what happen men? He scoffs at Bobi in his statement.”

Kato is trying hard to show he is fine but all signs  point towards the red light. He just won’t shut up.


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