Kenzo Is Still The Father Of Your Daughter," Fans Tell Off Rema

You cant fight it for long

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Rema Namakula’s little girl Aamal Musuuza on Saturday, December 26, 2020, celebrated her sixth birthday and it was complete ecstasy at Hamza’s home leaving Eddy Kenzo in agony.

The little girl was treated to a lavish birthday party that consisted of a professional photoshoot that had both Rema and Hamza in it, food, and drinks.

However, funs of artist Rema were not satisfied by the manner in which she organized the event.

Rema’s fans felt like it was not right for her to let Aamal spend her birthday with Hamza.

They thought since the young girl’s father, Kenzo is still alive, it was only right to let her spend the day with her father but not Dr. Hamza sebunya.

The angry fans also stated that however much Rema tries to put Kenzo out of Aamal’s life, he is still her father, and one day thy two would be rejoined.

It should be remembered that ever since Rema called it quit with Kenzo, the 'Sitya loss singer' has not had any fatherly moments with his daughter, Aamal.

This is despite all efforts by the singer to get to his daughter. At one time Kenzo said that all he was left with is to simply see his daughter in pictures that are posted on social media.

Indeed, when the birthday clocked, Kenzo posted a picture of him looking at his daughter’s picture. Like he had always said, “my daughter will look for me when the time is right.”

Kenzo none the less has continued to give us hit songs while Rema continues with her usual business of organizing nonstop photoshoots for her husband.

Maybe when the relationship gets boring, Ream will realize that Aamal has a dad.

It is also rumored that Rema aborted Hamza’s first child she conceived while still at Kenzo’s home and ever since then, we are not sure whether Hamza is hitting it right or things are still loading.

Could it be the reason why Rema is so stingy with Aamal-Not being able to conceive?

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