King Saha Gets Praised For Using Weed

It doesn’t go to his head!

By  | Apr 19, 2022, 08:59 AM  | King Saha  | Top of The

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Music artist David Lutalo is now backing King Saha for presidency of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA). He said that he has known King Saha for years and he called him a clever man. He even went ahead to add that the weed that King Saha smokes does not go to his head and that his ideas are not tampered with.

“I hear people say that he smokes weed, but I think his weed doesn’t go to the head. He is a man with good ideas when you interact with him,” Lutalo remarked.Well, I don’t know about his ideas but I know for a fact that weed definitely goes to the head! He went ahead to add that King Saha is a humble man who can work with anyone even his subordinates.

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King Saha was officially nominated to run for the top seat in the oncoming elections. His nomination to run as the President of UMA shocked Ugandans and the music fraternity in the country as well. No one expected it and it was met by all sorts of criticisms. He is competing against Cindy Sanyu and previously Maurice Kirya who dropped out of the race.

When Cindy Sanyu picked her nomination forms, not so many Ugandans were surprised. However, when King Saha declared that he was vying for the seat, many Ugandan celebrities were left in shock because that was not a candidate they were expecting. Bebe Cool referred to King Saha as a drug addict and Cindy as a bad listener which were his reasons for not supporting them. He endorsed Maurice Kirya for the job.


Kalifah Aganaga shut down Bebe Cool’s claims stating that he was just jealous of how well the industry has grown and that he was using his personal issues against King Saha. He endorsed King Saha saying that he was a good, dependable leader and fit for the job. 

In a shocking turn of events, King Saha stated that he was willing to work with all musicians in the country and has named Bebe Cool as his advisor and assistant should he win election. But didn’t Bebe Cool just mop the floor with his name just the other day? Bebe Cool referred to King Saha as a drug addict who cannot take the association in the right direction. 

"I am ready to work with everyone even those who publicly condemned my candidature. Bebe Cool will be one of my advisors," King Saha said. All this is in an attempt to stand by his vow not to supress any other artists and any of their views.

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