Losses As MTV Shelves Award Show

The Fate Is Not Clear

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They were slated to take place on February 20, 2020, in Uganda, it was going to be the first time ever for an award occasion of that kind to be held in Uganda.

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However, things have taken a different twist as the organizers of the MTV MAMAs issued statement that changed the entire mood and arrangement.

The organizers suspended the awards until further notice. However, the reason why they postponed these awards is not yet clear

However, they indicated that they will keep the public updated about what would be the next move.

From our judgement,  we feel that the organizers caught cold feet after widespread discontent towards the organizers.

This discontent is predominantly brought about by bad timing,  in that sense, the awards came at a time when the political scene was very heated up.

In this political time,  were presidential elections which according to many in Uganda and outside Uganda was very flawed coupled with violence, unlawful arrests, and death of many opposition members.

Upon that ground, a lot of Ugandans advocated that all artists boycott the awards, among these people was human rights activist Jeffrey Smith who was at the forefront of making sure the awards don’t take place.

DJ Khaled
was supposed to host the awards however after Jeffrey told him to use his visit to Uganda to speak up against political persecution and violation of human rights, Khaled caught cold feet and brought down all posts and videos promoting the award show.

As if that was not enough, people rained insults at Khaled to the extent that the DJ stopped talking about the awards.

Perhaps those events were a foreshadow of what was to become of the awards.

This is definitely a big blow to mostly Ugandan artists who were nominated in the awards; Pallaso, Daddy Andre, John Blaq, Vinka, Bebe Cool. Then those that were supposed to perform at the awards for the first time like Sheebah and Khaligrah Jones.

The ministry of Tourism that almost bought its way into the awards will count the biggest loss if the awards are totally nullified.

We hope and pray that the next communication from the award organizers will be one of hope that the awards will take place regardless.

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