Lwasa's Marriage Will End In Tears

She Is In It For The Money

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After holding a very publicized wedding, new information about the bride the tycoon Lwasa married has trickled in and from the look of things, this one will end in tears.

First off, according to a source that didn’t want his identity revealed, Angel, the bride that was taken by Lwasa initially dating city Dj, Mark with whom she sired a child.

However, she, later on, ran away from the Dj and never came back, he only heard from her after they saw her wedding on television with Lwasa.

The source also added that Angel was a prostitute by the time she met with Dj Mark. It is also on record that Lwasa has seen Angel for only three months and married her immediately.

He added that Angel is in it for the money and nothing more than that, she doesn’t love the tycoon and knowing that he has a penchant for brown thighs, he was easily hooked.

With this kind of information, chances are high that the whole marriage might end in tears.

however, it should also be noted that the tycoon said in an interview that if it reaches a time and Angel is no longer good enough for him, he will move on and get another woman.

A section of people has also expressed their disappointment in the way Lwasa is handling the whole breakup with Diana Nabatanzi.

Radio presenter, Kasuku advised him to stop going all over media shaming Nabantazi, “live Nabatanzi alone, she didn’t call you to eat her things, but you went to her, if she ate your money, eat a humble and move on, “ he said

He also stated that Nabatanzi was a fool to fall for such a man

Fifi the Queen, also a media personality stated that not every ape/baboon deserves to be delivered for a child and not everything that looks like a man should be taken to your parents.

Things are just getting started.


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