MC Kats To Use Entertainment To Create HIV Awareness

His talent is going to become his weapon

By  | Dec 19, 2020, 10:20 AM  | Top of The

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Early this year, Edwin Katamba  who is also known as  Mc Kats announced that he is HIV positive

The NBS After5 presenter opened up about his status after a series of mental and health struggles that saw him sent to rehab on several occasions.

The 36-year-old MC last year came out about his status after a video of him was leaked talking about how he has been sick with HIV for more than 10 years, yet not on any medication.

In the video, Kats did not know that he was being recorded by the person he was talking to but only learned that he was recorded after the video leaked.

After the video leaked, it was hard for Kats to accept the situation which sent him into depression, he was later forcibly taken to rehab but escaped and ran to Pastor Bugembe’s church where he was prayed for.

He is now more vocal about positive living and encouraging people to have hope even after contracting HIV because being sick is not the end of life.

To help the young people living with HIV, the self-proclaimed King of the Mic has started an edutainment campaign to stop the stigmatization of people living with HIV. 

In conjunction with Uganet, Mc Kats will host a series of shows sensitizing the public about the dangers of looking down on people living with HIV.

Things must be falling back in place for the MC, recently he got back with his longtime lover/singer, File Mutoni who had abandoned him amidst his HIV scandals.

Kats follows in the footsteps of music legend Philly Bongole Lutaya who was the first Ugandan to come out about his HIV status and sensitizing people to be cautious about their lives.
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