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She faced the hurdles in her life like a champ.

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Desire Luzinda is a songwriter, singer and a mother who has faced different types of social media slurs and remained intact to her craft as she continued to release and bless her fans with her vocals. 

She is popularly known for her static age of 25-years-old. According to Desire, she noticed that people are only focused on negative stuff hence she played along when they said she is 25 and she will continue to play along as that's what people want to here. 

This is how the humorous Desire climbed to her limelight. 

Desire Luzinda Age

Desire was born on the 15th of August 1980. She is 32-years-old.

Desire Luzinda Early Life

Desire was raised by both her parents. Mr Jamada Luzinda and Mrs Imelda Byanyima Luzinda. Mr Jamada, her father was a teacher at Kings College Buddo and her mother worked as an agriculturist from the western part of Uganda, in Ankole. Desire was raised alongside her 6 siblings in Ibanda  She was born Muslim but later changed to Bulokole because her mother is a born again Christian. 

Desire Luzinda Education

She went to Buganda road primary school from primary one to primary seven before joining omega college for ‘a’ level Makerere high school. She enrolled at Makerere University where she studied Development economics but dropped out in her 2nd year. 

She then enrolled at Nkozi University for Development Studies which she only attended for a year as she had a tour in the UK at the time. However, the singer did not give as she knew the importance of education. Look at her now.

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Desire Luzinda Relationship

She was in a relationship with Michael Kaddu and they were blessed with a daughter, Michelle Kaddu who was born on the 1st of July in 2004.

Desire said being a mother to Michelle was the best thing that ever happened to her. She even put her music career on hold so that she could give her daughter all of her attention and focus on her growth.

"Still as far as my career is concerned, at the moment I have had to put my public performances on hold to focus on Kaddu's establishment in what I am certain is the best school for her. I am proud of it and I do not regret anything. Every decision I make today is dependent on my daughter's wellbeing."

Desire Luzinda Career

Luzinda started her music career in the late 2000s. She released songs like “Equation”, “Ekitone”, “Mubiite”, “Nkomyewo”, “Tonoonya” and “Fitting” featuring Radio and Weasel among others.

Desire said in a bid to turn her life around, it took her three years to make up her mind to become a born-again Christian. She came out to say she had quit secular music and would concentrate on serving the Lord.

In a post on her birthday in 2018, Desire revealed that she was putting her career in music on hold and she wanted to start a new chapter in her life. She also revealed that she was releasing her last album for that year. 

“I celebrate me today because it is my birthday and to me, today is not just about cheers but an achievement, a chance to lay new strategies, new aspirations and engage stronger gears for the terrain ahead in the new chapter of my life,” Desire Luzinda said in a post via Facebook.

In 2019, Desire released 'Mainyi Ga Mukyala' and 'Nyo Nyo Dala'.

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Desire Luzinda Awards & Nominations

In her career, Desire has seen herself being recognised for the work that she has done. Be it her music or her fashion, over the years she has received much recognition.

Here are some of the awards and nominations she's scooped:

2014 - Best Reggae Song at the the Hipipo Music Awards (Nominated)
2016 - Most Stylish Female Artiste at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (Won)
Best New Artist  at the PAM Awards
Best Female Artist at the PAM Awards
Best Afro Beat Single Nyumilwa Nyo at the PAM Awards


Desire Luzinda Fashion

Despite what she's faced in her career, and her personal life, Desire's fashion game has neverbeen on the wrong side.

Here's a few times that she had heads turning and leaving many in awe.

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Desire Luzinda Controversy 

As a musical star who is always interacting with the publicity, Desire has been faced with several backlashes from the public such as her daughter being judged, her leaked nude images, and different forms of controversial relationships she has been linked with.


Desire shared her thought on a website that had published an image of her 16-year-old daughter and she was subjected to sexual slurs. The website shared Mitchelle Kaddu image and captioned it;

“Ready To Be Eaten? Desire Luzinda’s Bootylicious Daughter Mitchelle Kaddu Parades Extraordinary Curves As Horny Hyenas Sharpen ‘Wayas’ To Test Deep Waters.“

Desire responded by saying:

“When everyone else can post their children without being subjected to prejudice and saying you’re the one who started it for yourself. Imagine a repugnant journalist subjecting a minor to a sex object, I am heartbroken”

As a mother, Desire reprimanded the journalist of the website where the image had been posted and shared that she is broken over what happened. 

Maj Juma Seiko claiming to be the father of Desire’s child

Maj Juma Seiko, an aide of Gen Salim Saleh, the head of Operation Wealth Creation, has claimed publicly that he is the father of Desire’s daughter but she didn’t waste time and responded to the claims that were made by the Ugandan businessman, 

“Have you ever seen me with him? I mean you (the media) are the eye of the public and you have seen me with people. At least you saw me with Seya (Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala), and although you rushed into conclusion that I was dating him, you had no evidence, but you had at least seen me with him. But how come no one has ever seen me with Juma Seiko? My daughter is not Seiko’s daughter, and I’m sure he knows that very well”

After this response, Juma didn’t respond any further to the allegations that he had publicly started, Desire had managed to cut the allegations short. 

Leaked Photos

In October of 2014, Franklin released nude images of the singer and that saw Desire into having to face the law in Uganda as the images went against the laws of anti-pornography. Franklin accused Desire of cheating and he had a list of names that he had suspected that she cheated with at the time. 

However, Franklin was later arrested on the distribution of the nude images without the consent of Desire. As many people asked how she managed to battle her way out of the nudity news, Desire shared on her Facebook, 

You can never walk out of a storm if you do not accept any of your glaring, call it a mistake. People who do not accept their mistakes are always on the defensive and always pointing fingers at others. How then will you come out of a storm if you blame your mistake on someone else? Accepting my mistakes has helped me win so many battles.”

Desire Luzinda Philanthropy

Cyber bullying campaign

Due to the history that Desire had with being bullied online due to her nude images, she started using her story to help the young generation make the right choices when chasing their dreams; this is through a campaign to fight stigma and depression that is caused by the pressures of girls' self-esteem.


"I stumbled on this picture that I found in my Facebook news feeds and I was disturbed. Cyber bullying is a growing problem because of increasing usage and embrace of online interactivity. I am talking about internet congregate mediums like Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, instagram, tick tock, YouTube, Pintetest and others. I AM sure some, if not all of you have experienced internet fights. Others launch diss-grenades against others and we are negligently docile enough to think it is fashionable. It is NOT!” 

Desire backed her argument with examples that occurred online of Demi Lovato who was bullied online. She also highlighted the suicide incident of Phoebe Prince in 2010, which was motivated by the online trolling. 

“A good international instance is of Demi Lovato, who has suffered personally at the hands of bullies and online trolls, but it was the suicide of Phoebe Prince in 2010 which inspired her to pen a letter for Seventeen magazine urging young people to stop tormenting others”

Desire Luzinda Net Worth

She is an accomplished pop musician with an estimated net worth of $1 Million – $5 Million.

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