[Photos]: Inside Mikie Wine's House

Following in his brother's footsteps

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Mikie Wine
Michael Mukwaya, aka Mikie Wine, is Bobi Wine’s younger brother and a renowned musician in his own right.

The talented artist is following in his big brother’s footsteps both musically as well as in his personal life.

Along with releasing great hits, making a name for himself, and winning thousands of fans' hearts, Mikie Wine has also made millions from his hard work, and like Bobi Wine, he has also settled with the woman of his dreams and is raising a beautiful family.

As we have seen with many accomplished musicians in Uganda who have built themselves big mansions like Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Spice Diana and Gravity Omutujju, just to name a few, Mikie Wine has also built himself a beautiful grand house.

Here is a close look at Mikie Wine’s house, his cars and a look back at the terrifying break-in that happened at his house a few years ago.

Details about Mikie Wine’s house

Mikie Wine's house, source: Facebook

After around four years of construction work, Mikie Wine announced that his house had finally been completed and shared photos of the beautiful mansion in 2020.

Mikie Wine’s house sits on a large piece of land in Magere, Gayanza. It is a two-storeyed mansion with plenty of rooms that include a living room, several bedrooms, a guest house, an aquarium, and a conference room. Within the property are a couple of rental spaces. 

The palatial home, which is believed to have cost about UGX 750 million, is painted in all white and it’s surrounded by tall palm trees that give it a natural aesthetic appeal.

Mikie Wine lives with his wife Shazney Khan and their son in their beautiful home.

Did robbers break into Mikie Wine’s house?

Mikie Wine's house, source: Facebook

In 2020, armed robbers broke into Mikie Wine’s house one early morning and stole money from the musician.

Recounting the horrifying robbery that left both him and his wife in shock, Mikie Wine described how robbers armed with sharp machetes broke into their home and ordered them to be silent and hand over their phones to them.

The robbers then made away with all of the musician’s money, which he said had been sustaining him and his family during the COVID pandemic. Luckily, no one was harmed during the robbery.

After the robbers left, Mikie Wine called the police but they showed up an hour later but they couldn’t trace the robbers.

Mikie Wine’s cars

Mikie Wine's car, source: Facebook

Alongside living in a beautiful house, Mikie Wine also drives some of the sleekest cars around, among them a black convertible.

Bobi Wine’s house

Bobi Wine's house, source: Instagram

Like his younger brother, Bobi Wine also owns a grand mansion that sits on a 10-acre piece of land in the suburbs of Magere, off Gayaza road, North Kampala.

He finished constructing his house in 2007 and held a big star-studded housewarming party to celebrate. At the time of completion, the house was estimated to have cost about UGX 400 million.

Here are all the details about Bobi Wine’s house as well as the pictures of the house. 

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