Miles Rwamiti Has Gone Back To School

Will he manage?

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Urban Tv’s who host and presenter Miles Rwamiti, is not yet done pursuing his academic career as he’s officially going back to school. The presenter is set to pursue a diploma in public relations at Victoria University Kampala, where he’s currently the ambassador. 

This is quite a bold step for Miles but then again, he’s a bold man. In addition to all his achievements, this will be the presenter’s biggest achievement yet. Upon confirming his academic news, his fans were elated and in awe while some of them ridiculed that he’s going back to school to improve his English.

Fans arrived to this conclusion due to the fact that the Urban Tv presenter is not always articulate when it comes to the Queen’s language. This will not be the first bold move that Miles is pulling as he’s known to always have something under his sleeve. 

Not too long ago, the presenter resigned from his previous hosting job in a bid to join politics. He was more than determined to represent the people of Hoima East in the 11th parliament. Unfortunately for Miles, he lost terribly and this led him to consider opening a music school for local artists. 

“Before we think of copying and imitating the Nigerians, we have to first love and support ourselves. I am going to open up a music school so that I teach our local artists how to sing because most of them don’t know how to,” Miles stated. 

He further added that songstress Sheebah Karungi will be among his first students as he described her as a mere dancer with o talent. He added that Sheebah was quite fortunate to have cross paths with Jeff Kiwa who introduced her to the entertainment industry.

“Artists need to go and learn different voices in music because many of them don’t know. Sheebah is a dancer. Secondly, she has luck, and good enough she crossed path with a blessed opportunity and fell in good hands.” Miles said. 

In as much as the Urban Tv presenter hyped his music school, he failed to disclose its precise location and this led to many people doubting his new endeavor. To add salt to the injury, Miles vote count in the previous election was 149, which was significantly low as compared to other celebrities. It’s for this reason that he became the centre of ridicule and mockery among the public.

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