MoRoots Talks Upcoming #MoAtHomeFinale Showcase

It will be epic!

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Who is MoRoots?

Moroots is a fabulous, bold, and vivacious, proudly African Ugandan singer, song writer, musical extraordinaire, classically trained pianist, female saxophonist. I am a lover of music, creativity, life, Art and jazz.

What Inspired #ConcertsFromTheSun, the Online Series?
Lock-down inspired it. I generally have not been the kind of person that is super keen on the online world and inviting people into my space because I’m quite a private person, but I felt like there were so many layers to this COVID lockdown and decided to take advantage of it.

Being away from home, not being able to perform or have an outlet and just the idea that everybody was on their phones and captivated by what was happening online and digitally inspired me to get into that space. I found that it was a really great way to connect with fans in a deeper and meaningful way than just being able to respond to comments and static pictures.

I really wanted to find a way to continue to push the stories and songs that are on my ‘From the Sun’ album and also let myself push through that barrier that I had of letting people in.

What was the process like?
The process was long.... longer than I expected. There were a couple of things that I had to figure out. Things like: the video element, setting up my apartment here in London to make it look presentable, and figuring out the sound quality. 

Once I would identify the songs that I want to cover, I’d try to re-interpret them and create my own version. I would basically create a track, play my own keys, create beats, and create different code progressions interpreting the songs with my own version of jazzy, bluesy, funky style vibes. 

I would then record myself in a live setting and in between the songs, I got a chance to talk about them highlighting what inspired me to work on them.

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#MoAtHomeFinale, what should we expect?

Ahmmm….Expect a vibe. The online episodes I did via Facebook only featured me as a solo act, but if anybody were at my album launch #FromTheSun concert last year, they know that I had my crew Ctrl AD play with me. I have decided to have them join me for the Finale, so this time round, they are my special guest as we play an online cross continental concert. 

Expect a vibe, a really sweet, soul deep, ctrl AD vibe. People who have seen us perform know that there is such a magical bond between us, an effortless musical bonding an understanding of each other that I think is really special. And of course expect beautiful musicality, great music from the album and also great renditions of the songs that are on the album. 

You will also be hearing from musicians and Ugandan creatives discussion how they have navigated their way through this period of COVID .

How do we get to be a part of the show #MoAtHomeFinale?

The show will be streaming Live on my YouTube channel which is MoRoots. If you subscribe to my YouTube page, you will most definitely be able to experience in real time.

If people want to know more, see more, interact more with the previous episodes which they may not have seen, there are clips on my Youtube page  You can also check out @Morootsmusic on facebook ,@moroots on instagram and twitter and my website which is
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