'My Toilet Is Better Than Some Of Your Houses'

He Never Stops

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So controversial city Pastor, Aloysius Bujingo is back again, this time with a big bang. The man of God has mastered the art of getting people to always mind his business.

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Bujingo will say the most controversial statements that will make you shudder with astonishment.

Over the weekend, there was a lot of criticism of the pastor by the netizens. They called him out for spending church money on building lavish homes while his flock continues to pray under a tent.

Bujingo being the big mouth he is, clapped back with a knock-out reaction. He told whoever has criticized him for doing what he was doing to shut up.

He added that most of the people that were talking against him don’t have as beautiful as his toilet, he stated that the majority of his critics can’t afford to construct a house that looks like his toilet.

“Most of you criticizing me for doing what I am doing sleep in houses that can't be compared to my toilet because my toilet is more like a permanent house.”

He added that sometimes people mistake the toilet for his office because it looks so legit.

“I have seen some of them come here wanting to see me, and when they are told I am not around, they point at the toilet saying my office is open, please that is a toilet, not my office,” he added

Bujingo is not new to controversy, this is just one of those rants he throws around. He has done worse.

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