Nigerain Star, Tems Wages War on Bebe Cool

This is war

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Nigerian Songbird, Temilade Openiyi also known as Tems has told  Ugandan Ragga/ Reggae artist Musa Saali also known as Bebe Cool to stay away from Nigeria.

Tems was among the people that were arrested with Singer Stanley Omah Didia also known as Omah Lay, after the two held a concert that was deemed illegal by the Ugandan authorities.

Tems alleges that Bebe Cool called Police on them, “you got us to arrest you d….kless f…..k”

She added that Bebe Cool's friends who we presume were the police broke their room and took them after he called them to come and arrest them.

Before they were released, Bebe Cool shared on his social media handles the documents of their release, and this made people believe that Bebe Cool played a big part in their release, unfortunately, that was not the case.

The 'Free mind' singer said that Bebe Cool bribed the police to send him the pictures of their release so that he could look that he had something to do with their release.

“Bebe Cool I know you before? Who the F....k are you? You followed the police around and bribed them to send you pictures of our release papers so that you can look like you had anything to do with the release. See your head? Na pit latrine dey inside not brain,” she raged on

The enraged Tems also called Bebe Cool a stinking f….kin B……tch,  and threatened to pounce on him if he ever set eyes on him in Nigeria.

Omah Lay also joined in on the war of words and called out On Bebe Cool calling him a monkey, “ all the zoos in Nigeria are currently full so we don’t need him here,” he tweeted.

This contradicts Omah Lay’s earlier Tweet shortly after his release when thanked Bebe Cool for helping in their release.

When the Tems and Omah lay were arrested all the Nigerian artists came out to condemn it and the entire Nigeria which even led to Cindy's account being suspended for hate speech.

Now that Nigerians are abusing and fighting Bebe cool, only his fans on Twitter fought for him while his fellow artists lie A pass laughed at him being dragged in the mud.

The Uganda music industry at this point can be described as one that is not united

Tems bio on Twitter describes her as a rebel gang leader, her look also speaks of the same. Should we be scared for Bebe Cool?
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