New Information About Bobi Wine's Car Is Unbelievable

Why Is It Taking So Long?

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It is none issue that has suddenly become a very big issue, Bobi Wine’s car for the past two weeks is the talk of the nation.

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We don’t know whether it was a calculated move to sway our attention from more important things, but if it was the intention by Bobi Wine, then I must say, he succeeded.

After the car was revealed, Bobi  indicated that it was a gift from his supporters in the diaspora. The car is armored and worth billions of monies.

There’s another group of comrades who kick-started a fundraising campaign for a bulletproof vehicle. These comrades informed me of their plan but I thought it was an uphill task given how expensive it is.

“A few weeks ago, these comrades surprised me when they informed me that they had succeeded in raising enough money for the vehicle and here it is. I can’t thank you enough,” he wrote

Shortly after this statement excitement among his supporters was on steroids but also tensions amongst his adversaries boiled about the car.

URA tasked Bobi Wine to take back the car for re-assessment, which he declined and instead told them to go to court. 

They argued that the car was undervalued and they didn’t know it was armored.

Mombasa businessman who sold the car to Bobi Wine, Fauz Khalid, a renowned businessman, was on the spot after reports about him selling the Bobi Wine came to light.

Fauz Khalid admitted that he drove to Uganda to have it delivered as agreed in November 2020.

 However, Khalid said that he did not anticipate the controversy that came out of his business deal with his Ugandan client.

Yes I drove the car to Uganda myself for clearing though I didn’t anticipate all this drama,” he said

He added that despite delivering on his end of the bargain, he has not been fully paid.

“I have not yet received all the payment for the car since it is paid in the installment.

The question here is if Bobi claims it is people in the diaspora that bought him the car, why is it still not fully paid?

Our assumption is Bobi bought this car himself.


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