Could This Be Love For Bad Black?

Sex And Peace Are The Key

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“ My man gives me peace, not money, that is the reason for my good looks these days.”

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City sumbi vender commonly known as Bad Black has seen the light eventually, before she saw the light, she had been advocating for women to look for men with money giving. Her reason was that men without money can’t make a woman rich her climax.

However, ever since she got into a relationship with a young man only known as Asha, Bad Black’s mind set must have hit factory reset.

She now thinks money is not very important in a relationship.
Black now thinks that peace and money are the most important things in a relationship.

“My man gives me peace and he also gives me very good sex, that is the reason why I have gained weight, ” she aid

She also attributed the latest weight gain to good sex and the peace of mind her husband gives her.

To women who say they cannot date broke men, Black said that, if that is the mentality, they still have let them go and marry their fathers.

“If you want a rich man, go and marry your father, I hear women talk about wanting only rich men, let me tell you, no man is perfect,” Black assured the women.

Black has had a string of men in her life, the last one being Sky. The common trend with all her EXs was that they used not to last.

However, with Asha, she has managed to stay with him for some time now. Could this be love for Black?

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