NRM And NUP Bloggers At War

Who Will Win This?

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The late 2pac one time said that the hate you give, like it or not, will always come back to bite you in the Ass.

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Top National Resistance Movement (NRM) Bloggers have lost their accounts to hackers, Ashburg Katto, Bajjo Clear process, Jennifer Full figure, and  Ismah Olexes all have lost their accounts.

The accounts were hucked and deleted by unknown people, this is s the first time this has happened to the blogger, except for National Unity Platform’s (NUP) bloggers who have been suffering from the same.

What has happened to the NRM bloggers is a fair game considering, Ashburg Katto has on several occasions hacked the Ghetto Tv Facebook page which belongs to NUP, and used it to post President Museveni content.

On the same note, bloggers Kakensa and Peng peng who belong to NUP also had their accounts deleted by people Peng Peng and Kakensa believe were NRM.

This could be a blow to the NRM considering a big number of its bloggers have lost accounts at a crucial time when voting is almost about to happen.

The NRM bloggers use their pages to drive and influence opinion, imagining that they will build accounts in 5 days that are left to elections.

To us, this is war and we are waiting for who will emerge, winner, it is fair to say NRM bloggers deserve the hate they are receiving considering they have been giving out a lot of it.

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