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It Is Money

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As we write this piece, no longer a secret that NRM bloggers: Ashburg Kato, Full Figure, Ismah Olaxess, and Dr. T amale can no longer see eye to eye. The reason being monies that have not been paid.

Ashburg Kato
claims that Full-Figure is the major cause of all the contention, allegedly she was assigned with the task of lobbying for money but she is intentionally stalling the process which has angered a lot of them.

The money in question is meant to be a thank you gesture to the bloggers for the efforts they had invested in conversing votes for President Museveni.

The bloggers say that Full figure is very intolerant to criticism from her peers, they add that she is very vulgar and abusive in her language.

“She is very abusive even when you come in peace, and yet for us, we just want to talk, but she doesn’t want to listen,” said Dr.T

However, Full Figure in retaliation, said that then bloggers are very impatient and do not appreciate what people have done for them.

“The bloggers should stop being greedy, whatever the president promised them, they should wait for it, but he did not specify how much he was going to give them,” said Full Figure

This is not the first time, NRM bloggers are fighting one another, this is just a continuation of what has always been. We will keep you updated.

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