There's No Stopping For Pallaso

The show must go on

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What a good day to be a Pallaso fan seeing that the artist has confirmed that his shows will still go on. This news comes after the renown producer and songwriter injured his knee while performing at the La Grande hotel.

Pius Mayanja, famously known as Pallaso, informed his fans that there should be no cause for alarm due to his knee injury. He further assured those who had booked him prior to the incident that he will still perform regardless of his situation. The artist, although not yet fully recovered, is set to perform his future shows while seated. 

"I injured my knee on a loose stage at La Grande Hotel while performing last night. I had to do all my performances seated in a chair, the pain is unbearable but I will be fine. As I seek further medical attention, I want to inform you that all the booked shows will not be cancelled. But you will have to excuse me for singing in a chair until I get better," Pallaso stated on his socials.

Not too long ago, the β€˜Malamu’singer was under fire for bailing on scheduled performances regardless of being paid. Promoters were ranting against his mischievous behavior of absconding shows and not delivering his fair share of work. 

One promoter in particular, Balaam Barugahara, called for Pallaso and Sheebah Karungi to be banned from events. This came after the two renown artists caused quite a distraction during the Masaka show. Balaam went ahead and petitioned the Ugandan Promoters Association (UPA) that both Pallaso and Sheebah be banned from events for a minimum of two years.

The two artists allegedly arrived at the venue, way past the agreed time which caused unrest among the audience as well as the organizers. To add salt to the injury, right before Sheebah performed, there was a power shortage as if on cue. The organizers tried their level best to rectify the situation but it was out of their hands. 

At this time, the fans were noticeably angry and what ensued after was quite chaotic. The crowd went into a state of protest and this led to destruction of property which entailed sound equipment among other valuable items. Clearly, Pallaso and Sheebah failed to deliver which resulted in a nasty outcome. 

Well, it looks like the Malamu singer has learned from his mistakes and we clearly wouldn’t want a repeat of the Masaka show. We wish him a speedy recovery as we’d like to see him back on his feet.


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