Confirmed! Pastor Augustine Yiga Is Dead

By  | Oct 27, 2020, 08:09 AM  | Top of The

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Pastor Augustine Yiga of Kawala Christian Revival Church has breathed his last.

The man of God was reported dead on Tuesday around 12 am by his Kawala based ABS TV station's official Facebook page.

"We have list him. May God bless his soul. Rest in peace pastor Augustine Yiga Abizayo." Read the post.

At the time of his untimely death, the industrious man of God was admitted at Nsambya Hospital after battling liver-related complications.

Less than just a week a go, Yiga was falsely announced dead by some media outlets in the country.

His ABS TV would however come out to declare the news fake before his son and junior Pastor at the Kawala church added his voice to that of ABS.

His ministry has enjoyed a mixed judgment from the public with many hailing him for erecting the powerful temple of the Lord from completely nothing up to what it's now.

Among his faithful followers, the Abizaayo cleric is hailed as a man to whom God spoke directly owing to the numerous unbelievable miracle he performed in the name of God.

Even though these were questioned by the many doubting Thomases of this world, he was able to keep his flock United until his last days on Earth.

Before he was admitted, pastor Yiga had promised his followers that he would head to the mountain to seek for more anointing to the benefit of his flock.

However, according to his son Andrew Jjengo, it's from their that he started feeling his health failing and resultantly taken to Nsambya Hospital from where he met his end.

He was not married by the time of his death and survived by one son publicly known Andrew Jjengo who is also has also been his deputy at the church.

May his heart rest in eternal peace. 

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