Pastor Bugembe Sends Esther And Ezekiel Message Of Hope Amidst Mother's Homosexuality Scandal

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City pastor Wilson Bugembe has sent words of consolation to Julie and Steven Mutesasira's children Esther and Ezekiel over the storm involving their mother's stigmatizing lesbian accusations.

The duo's mother Julie Mutesasira left the country in 2016 after a bitter divorce with her then-husband Steven and moved to Canada where she has been since.

Keeping a very low profile while there, Julie had convinced the public that all was well until early this week when she was cited in a same-sex marriage controversy.

The negative publicity of the matter has understandably affected the young ones who have in the past revealed that their mother is a great influence in their lives.
Wilson Bugembe

Speaking shortly after winning East Africa has got talent final award, the singing dual revealed that they have grown up looking to their departed mother for inspiration as mothers. Ezekiel in particular confessed at one time that he loved his mother more than the father.

Understanding the gravity of the phycological load on their shoulders, Bugembe, a musician too emphasized the need for support towards them.

He asked them to be strong and bend in their knees to ask for Devine strength to be able to overcome the current storm.

The man of God also reminded the two that what they are experiencing now is not new. He said that families always fight but mend fences after hence this too will pass soon.

Esther and Ezekiel became national and international celebrities last year after they stormed the finals at the East Africa has got talent competitions. They would eventually come out eventual winners of the pageant that attracted talent form across the East African region.

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