Pastor Bugembe Apologizes To Bobi Wine

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There has been a post that has been peddled on social media for the past week and Ugandans did not waste any time, but deal with it.

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The post which was majorly on Facebook was presumed to have come from Celebrity Pastor, Pastor Wilson Bugembe, got a lot of netizens up in arms.

According to what we saw in the post, it stated that Bobi Wine should accept defeat from President Museveni because Ugandans are okay with the outcome and don’t need war.

“Bobi Wine Ugandans are fine with the outcomes of the previous presidential elections, accept defeat because we just want peace,” the post read.

Upon seeing this post, netizens directed all forms of insults to Pastor Bugembe there is which including likening him to a pig and worse of all pronouncing him dead.

The man of God tried to keep silent hoping it would eventually pass, however, he could not handle it anymore which prompted him to come out and clear the air.

“I would love to inform Bobi Wine and Barbie and whoever has been abusing me, that I have never mentioned any statement of that kind, I think whoever did it, just wanted people to hate me,” said Pastor Bugembe.

He added that ever since the election period kicked off, he has tried as much as possible to keep a distance from saying anything concerning politics because he is not a politician.

“ I have tried to tame my tongue throughout this election period from not saying anything political although it is tempting sometimes, I tried to fight it.”

Bugembe said that if anything, the only thing that he said that could be related to politics is when he condemned the constant bloodshed by the Police on innocent Ugandans.

The pastor, however, forgave everybody that insulted him for something he didn’t do but cautioned people to always find facts before reacting to a situation.

Bobi Wine's supporters are so loyal that they cant stand anyone trying to castigate him, Pastor Bugembe is one of the many people that have been insulted and abused by his supporters.

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