Remarrying Is A Sin Too: Pastor Bugembe Tells Off Julie's Ex Hubby Steven Mutesasira

All sins are equal before God

By  | Oct 22, 2020, 12:35 PM  | Pastor Bugembe  | Top of The

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Popular born again pastor Wilson Bugembe has asked newly wedded fellow pastor Steven Mutesasira not to judge her ex-wife Julie so much since his recent marriage is sinful too.

Bugembe was responding to the ongoing public accusation against gospel singer Julie Mutesasira -  Ex-Wife to Steven Mutesasira over her reported marital relationship with a person of the same sex.

In his Wednesday rant, Bugembe argued that it was nonsensical to castigate others for their sins while condoning some.

Using his music talent to drive home his message, Bugembe sang that there is no small sin in the eyes of God. That just as a thief could argue that a prostitute is more sinful than him, God weighs all sins with the same scale.

By remarrying after his break up with ex-wife Julie, Steven Mutesasira had sinned as much as Julie could have done to marry a fellow woman.

He says that he is clearly against pastors separating with their wives and them remarrying since it gives a wrong impression to the church.

Bugembe argues that forgiveness, repentance, perseverance are virtues that church leaders should be championing hence it would be self-defeating when they transgress. 

Pastor Steven Mutesasira opted to lose himself from a bonking thirst by securing a brand new vuvuzela over the weekend after years of starvation.

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