Pastor Bujingo Orchestrates Bizonto Arrest

It Will Come To An End

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We just reported an incident of the new arrest of the Binzonto Comedy groupThe CID spokesperson, Charles Twine, said that the group was arrested on Thursday night and is set to be arraigned in court later today, Friday.

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“They are on their way to Buganda Road court. They had a sanctioned file for allegations of promoting sectarianism,” Twine said.

The police say that their charges are a follow-up from last year’s arrest in which they were detained for several days.

The four presenters are known for their stage name Bizonto, including, Ssabakaki Simon Peter, Julius Sserwanja, Mercel Mbabali, and Gold Kimatono .

In July 2020 they were arrested for releasing a satirical skit in which they mentioned several heads of government institutions hinting at the high rates of tribalism in the government institutions.

In their skit, the group mentioned President Museveni, Electoral Commission, UNRA, Uganda Prisons, URA, NSSF, Ministry of Finance, ISO, and CMI bosses.

The police then slapped on them charges related to recording and sharing a video with the potential of causing hatred and unnecessary apprehension and it is the same charges that have seen them arrested for the second time.

The group will be arraigned in court to answer the same charges according to police.

 The police claim the group was arrested to answer charges for last year’s incident but surely, there is more to this story.

In a short video that was captured by Spark Tv, Bizonto said that they were arrested for skipping bail but also stressed Pastor Bujingo was also behind their arrest.

The reason Bujingo is allegedly behind this arrest is because of a satirical skit they did about Bujingo talk trashing Bobi Wine, purporting that Bobi Wine worked for the government and therefore acquired his much talked about armored car with help from the government.

" It is Bujingo that has called police on us, but all this will come to an end," they said.

Pastor Bujingo in the past few weeks has been on Bobi Wine's case and we don't know why. We will confirm his involvement in the case of Bizonto
We will keep you posted.


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