Pastor Mondo Must Think Ugandans Are Fools

He Is Aliar

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Mondo claimed that there was a group of people that were after his life, he called them Mafias. He alleged that they were the same people that framed for fraud with Pastor Siragye.

As a result, he ran for asylum in Pretoria, South Africa. He promised never to return to Uganda unless President Museveni Guaranteed his safety.

It should be noted that yesterday 28/01/2020, he was supposed to appear in court for a court hearing about the fraud case together with partners Sirgaye, and Maggie Kayima, but because he had ‘left the country in fear for his life’ he did not show face.

What came off as a surprise was the uncoordinated narrative that his lawyer gave at an interview, he said Mondo had been flown out of the country for further treatment on Covid, and therefore, that is why is he not here

“ You all know pastor Mondo had caught Covid, although he recovered from it, it was mandatory of him to seek further specialized treatment to rule out any complications, “

This is total foolery because before all this saga unfolded, Mondo met with the president and it is mandatory that before you met the president, you have for a covid 19 test, so it means Mondo is fine with no complications.

Secondly, no one can be left to go past the airport screening points if they are discovered to be Covid 19 positive.

The question is here, who is Mondo fooling? And who is telling the truth between him and his lawyer?

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