Zari Under Attack By Kampala City Pastor

Stop pretending

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“What are you talking about Zari? When your son’s body system is going to be destroyed by homosexuals, your son needs help.”

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Those were the words of the City pastor and strong advocate against same-sex marriages, Pastor Martin Sempa in reciprocation to Zari’s statement on her support for her gay son.

Two weeks ago, we broke the story about Zari’s Second born son, Raphael who came out about his sexuality, the young in a live Instagram video told the world that he was gay and asked to be judged.

However, he was not going to escape judgment as netizens took him on by the neck and castigated him to the extent that he had to delete his Instagram account.

Like the strong mother she is, Zari came out to defend her son saying he was not gay but only made the statement to sway away cougars who had been on his case asking for money and sending him nudes.

She added that even if he turned gay one day, he would 100% support him

"If my son Rafael turns out to be gay I will support him through because it's the path he has chosen, It is my duty as his mother to embrace him owing to the fact that most times we cannot change that.”

However, city Pastor Sempa has told Zari to stop pretending because her son needs help.

“ You are speaking a lot of English but you know your son needs help, are you going to allow your son to start wearing makeup, female clothes, and lipstick?”

Sempa added that Zari herself knows that her son is gay but she is pretending by covering up his mistakes.

The pastor also stipulates that it could be that Zari was paid by homosexuals to drive their gospel on homosexuality through her son.

He also encouraged Zari to get a man and stop what he called prostitution, “ Let her get married instead of jumping up and down on every man like a grasshopper, the kids need a father figure,” said Sempa

Zari has gone silent after the incident, we don’t know what is boiling in her kitchen, but whatever, it is we will keep you posted.

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