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Stop Pretending

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So, it turns out before Radio passed on-the another half of the singing dynamic duo, radio, and Weasel, they two had a hotel under construction along Entebbe Road.

However, ever since Radio left us, the construction has also come to stand still because technically speaking, Radio was the major brain behind the existence of the duo and Weasel was more like a back-up artist of was good with adlibs and hyping.

In his wild dreams, producer Washington who was also and we hope still is a very good friend to the duo thinks that Ugandans should come up and help Weasel complete the Good Life Hotel.

The producer thinks that it does not take much, as it will require very Ugandan to contribute $1 each, this to him will be a litmus test to who genuinely loved or did not love Radio because people are very big pretenders.

“$1 is all it takes, all Tv stations, Radios, Telecom companies, alcohol makes, we are waiting on you, let’s celebrate for a reason, let us come to this cause, I realized people are very sober with pretense,” said Washington

He said the contributions can be taken to Neverland Makindye or contact weasel urging Ugandans to stop being pretenders.

Well, I would love to say that Ugandans like he said are pretenders and when they lend you their eyes for five minutes for you to shine, use them to make the most out of. 

Radio and Weasel if you asked me were one of the most expensive artists to hire in Uganda for a long time until Radio passed on, people paid to see them at all their concerts and shows.

People viewed their videos and gave them hits on streaming platforms and that was their contribution.

 Now that the five minutes are over, it is not wise to think that the same people that played a huge role in their career will line up to contribute money for The Good Life hotel construction.

People loved Radio, but Weasel should work hard to make Radio proud from wherever he is, because people are not going to contribute that money.

Life is real out here Washington.

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