Radio Can Now Rest In Peace


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Radio can now rest in peace

Moses Sekibogo also known as Mowzey Radio ( RIP) was a Gem, there were no artists/songwriters that marched his prowess, he was a man in his own league. His music was the kind that would hold your mind, heart, and soul captive because the lyrics would speak to you, his music mended broken hearts, got couples married, and made babies off it. 

Together with Weasel, to the world, they were known as Radio and Weasel. Until one fateful day when Radio got killed in a bar fight in Entebbe.

 The music industry in Uganda suffered a big loss and since then, it had been on life support. The lungs of music lovers have been thirsting for the oxygen of good melodies, lyrical maturity, and healing until Dre Cali breathed life into the vacuum Radio had left.

Dre was signed under Mpaka Records last year by Ykee Benda, he stirs Radio memories with his voice, writing skill, and lyrics. In his single Ebisoka N’ebisembayo, a love song that talks about commitment to love and cherish, Dre immerses his vocals into the lyrics so that you could almost touch, and feel what he is talking about. 

Just like Radio, Dre is a great storyteller, through his lyrics, he transports to where he wants and captures your imagination so that you can see what he is talking about. The texture of his voice is sweet and soothing, one that can ably sing love songs like Radio used to

 The raw emotions and intonation in Ebisoka N’ebisembayo set the mood in the song which is similar to how Radio used to serenade crowds with music, he would make you feel sad if the song was happy, and if it was a happy song, you could still feel it in his voice. 

The body of work in Ebisoka N’ebisembayo had music lovers think the song was sung by radio until watched the video only realized it was Dre Cali.
Some of the reactions from music lover that thought Dre Cali was Radio

 This is how fans reacted music lovers listened to Ebisoka N'ebisemabayo, “ Click like if you thought this was Mowzey Radio when you heard the tune on Radio,” another fan said “ Radio reborn, never stop Dre I love he song, currently on my playlist”, while the other fan added, “ the first time listening, I thought the king of vocals Radio is back, Kumbe, its Dre Cali, big Up you are such a talent.”

Radio can now rest in peace because a perfect replacement is here.
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